Payment Services Directive

The European Payment Services Directive (2007/64/CE) came into effect on 1 November 2009. Its aims are to regulate payment service providers across Europe and to strengthen the safeguards for all, especially for the merchants and their customers. The directive simultaneously aims to ensure high standards at all European payment institutions, including such matters as customer due diligence (fraud risk and anti-money laundering procedures), professional standards of security and confidentiality, and prudent governance with the organisation and procedures in place to safeguard client funds and personal data. Thus a modern payment institution is subject to the same rigorous control and regulation as a traditional bank. The directive has come into force in all member states of the EU.

NORDPAY FINANCIAL LIMITED has obtained authorization as a payment institution with the FCA under registration number 535688.

As an authorised payment institution, NORDPAY is privileged to offer its clients confidence in the high standard of service that NORDPAY is now able to provide.
For Merchants, the benefits have become realities. An authorised payment institution demonstrates:
  • Significant capital resources. An authorised Payment Institution is well-funded.
  • Liquidity. Stockholders' equity and available liquid assets at any time.
  • Governance, organisation and control: The creation of a professional team experienced in the banking sector, with the organisational structure and control mechanisms to match.
  • Process and procedures: Ways of working which are open to review by the regulators at any time.
  • Resilience: IT systems and security.
The integration of a redundant, perfectly secured computer system parking of a Business Continuity Plan.

Thus merchants choosing to partner with NORDPAY benefit not only from the company's innovative and flexible approach to payment delivery channels, but also the rigour of a soundly based financial business daily exercising prudent management over high value, high volume transactional secure payments

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