NORDPAY FINANCIAL arose from the collaboration of several companies specialising in electronic payments since 2002. Based in London, the capital of the company is held by its 3 founders each holding a third share, 33.3%.
  • Frédéric NOEL
  • Alina ALISTARH
  • Guillaume PONSARD

Besides a one million euro capital, NORDPAY possesses liquid funds corresponding to several hundred thousand euro.

NORDPAY’s ambitious development policy means that it is open to approaches from strategic investors keen to benefit from the predicted growth in the payment services market over the next few years.

NORDPAY believes it possesses the right ingredients for significant growth in the coming months.
Significant attributes for potential investors to consider :
  • Organisation : Successful and decentralized organisation.
  • Resilient technology : A redundant information system coupled with business continuity plans.
  • Secure technology: PCI DSS level 1 operating platform.
  • Client base: sound  client base showing consistent growth.
  • Banking Partners: An international network of banking partners.

For an investor information pack, use the contact us.

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